Impact now offers sunless tanning!

This is a safe, sunless, UV free tanning alternative. This service involves a technician, manually applying the tanning solution through an airbrush.  This is a custom application that results in a beautiful natural looking tan!

Our new tanning contains both DHA and Erythuluse tanning agents. Both are naturally clear in color and work by safely "tanning" melanin cells which sit at the very top layers of your skin . The higher levels of melanin you have, the darker your tan will be. Even with low levels of melanin (meaning you have a fair skin tone), the tanning agents will stimulate the production of melanin.

Regularly $40

Special Introductory Price $30 per session

Tanning Preparation and Tips


·        Please exfoliate  and shave before coming in, getting rid of your dry skin will help give you better color and prevent streakiness

 ·        Please use a loofah  and or exfoliator that leaves no residue. 

·        Do NOT use lotion/moisturizers or deodorants before coming in, it acts as a barrier between your skin and the tan

·        We recommend wearing a dark bathing suit, bra and underwear or if you prefer a full body tan we can provide disposable panty for lower body coverage.

·        For the best results, you should wait at least six hours before showering to give the DHA sufficient time to set up on your skin

·        Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing to wear home

·        Bring a towel to sit on in your car following your appointment

(The tan will stain leather – because it’s a natural material like your skin)

·        Let technician know if you are a frequent sneaker wearer – it could affect your tan

·        Direct contact with rain following your appointment could cause streaking, please plan accordingly

*Excessive perspiration can cause streaking. DO NOT exercise until tan has cured and you have showered.*

·        Tan normally lasts for a approximately 1 week. This can vary depending on skin type.

**If this tan is for a special event we recommend tan application is applied  2 days prior.

~Please call for an appointment or more information~

215 348-0180